Our Mission

We believe that it is critical to develop and maintain strong and liquid national and international market for securitization of Canadian mortgage loans. MBSIA is the link between issuers, investors and all other organizations/parties involved in the securitization process, in order to strength a broaden securitization appeal.

The MBSIA was created to achieve several key objectives:
  • Vocalize and support the concerns of issuers in Canada
  • Provide facility for issuers to table, discuss and resolve issues
  • Represent members in dealing with CMHC, OSFI, CICA, etc on current industry issues
  • Liaise with industry associations such as CIMBL, to stay abreast of industry trends and directions
  • Working with regulators, CMHC, IDA, etc. to streamline the process and establish new products
  • Develop and maintain strong ongoing relationship with VMHC, government regulators, investment dealers, investors, the media, mortgage lenders, etc.
  • Lobby for change and input on policy